Inauguration of CSI Students branch

The Students Branch of Computer Society of India (CSI) was inaugurated in V V College of Engineering, Tisaiyanvilai, on 06-08-2013. The function was organized by CSE Department. Mrs.I.MuthuLakshmi, Head of the Department, CSE welcomed the gathering. Dr.P.Melba Mary, Principal, V V College of Engineering presided over the function and delivered the presidential address. Mr.Y.Kathiresan, Senior Manager(Promotions) CSI-Educational Directorate, Chennai was the Chief Guest of this function. In his key note address he explained about various activities of CSI and the benefits of becoming a member of CSI. Ms.G.Gifta Jerith delivered the vote of thanks. Director(Admin) Dr.I. Sundarapandi graced the occasion by his presence. The Heads and faculty members of various departments and the students of Computer Science and engineering department participated in this function.

The Institution of Electronics and TeleCommunication Engineers

The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) is India's leading recognised professional society devoted to the advancement of Science and Technology of Electronics, Telecommunication & IT. Founded in 1953, it serves more than 60,000 members through various centres, whose number is 64, spread all over India and abroad. The Institution provides leadership in Scientific and Technical areas of direct importance to the national development and economy. Government of India has recognised IETE as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (SIRO) and also notified as an educational Institution of national eminence. The objectives of IETE focus on advancing electro-technology. The IETE conducts and sponsors technical meetings, conferences, symposia, and exhibitions all over India, publishes technical journals and provides continuing education as well as career advancement opportunities to its members.

Inaugural of IETE in VV College of Engineering

Chief Guest of the day, Prof. Dr. R. Santha Selvakumari, Chairman, IETE Subcentre-Sivakasi. Inaugurated the IETE students chapter in VV College of Engineering on 18/09/2012. She spoke about the benefits and role of IETE. Mr. S. Anand, AP, ECE gave the welcome address. Dr. P.Melba Mary, Principal delivered the presidential address. Sixty students belonging to ECE and EEE Departments have registered under this chapter. Ms. M. Kalaivani, III ECE proposed the vote of thanks.

From Left to Right : Dr.R. Shantha Selvakumari, M.E, Ph.D., Chairman, IETE, Sivakasi Subcentre. Dr.N. Nirmal Singh, (HOD, Dept. of ECE), Dr. I. Sundarapandi, (Director Admin), Dr.P.Melba Mary, (Principal, VVCOE)

Institute of Engineers (India)

The Institution of Engineers (India) was registered under the Indian Companies Act, 1913 in the year 1920 at Madras and was formally inaugurated in 1921 by Lord Chelmsford, the then Viceroy and Governor General of India. The Institution of Engineers (India) was granted the Royal Charter of Incorporation 1935 by His Majesty the King George V of England in 1935, “to promote and advance the science, practice and business of engineering in all its branches in India”. The Institution of Engineers (India) is now an unique professional body encompassing 15 engineering disciplines and with an overall membership of over 0.5 million.. In our college, IEI Students’ Chapter was inaugurated on 22nd September 2012. Seventy students belonging to Civil Engineering Department have registered their names under this.

Privileges of Students Members:

  • Participation in various technical activities of the Student’s Chapter.
  • Participation in All India Technicians’/Students’ Convention.
  • Eligible to become a member of All India Students’ Committee.
  • Access to Library facilities at State/Local Centres of the Institution across the country.
  • Opportunity to meet Fellow Engineers for enhancement of knowledge.
  • After passing the final year examination, student members are eligible for the following:
  • Eligible to pursue Postgraduate Course in selected branches of engineering, after three
  • Opportunities to gain and update knowledge, experience and access to information in variety of engineering and technology disciplines through participation in seminars, symposia, conventions, workshops, etc., at national and regional levels.
  • A number of prizes and awards given to the student members for their engineering skills and talents.
  • To become Grad-IE of the Institution on submission of the prescribed form and concessional membership free.
  • Eligible to pursue engineering degree in additional branch of their choice, with nominal fee and exemption to appear from Section A examination.
  • Entitled to receive IEI News & Technorama free of charge on their election as Grad IE.
  • Journals of IEI are available in the hard copy or soft copy through web.
  • Freedom to choose journals from 15 engineering disciplines.
  • Access to know –how and ideas from Corporate Members of the Institution about on-going R&D work in different engineering fields, using of latest technology, and demands of professional bodies for engineering jobs/services in the national and international level.
  • Access to web-based e-groups for professional interaction.

Principal Dr.P.Melba Mary, M.E,Ph.D., and Chief Guest of the day Er. I. Maria Michael Raj. FIE., MISNT., inaugurated the IEI students chapter on 22nd September 2012 .

Inauguration of IEI Students Chapter

The Students Chapter of the Institution of Engineers (India) (IEI) for Civil Engineering Department was inaugurated in VV College of Engineering, Tisaiyanvilai, on 22nd September 2012. The function was organised by Prof. J. Sahaya Jeevarethnam, HOD, Department of Civil Engineering. Adviser of the IEI Student Chapter Mr. R. Iyappan (Asst. Prof., Civil Engineering)

welcomed the august gathering. The Principal Dr. P. Melba Mary presided over the function. In her presidential address, she described the development and various academic activities of IEI. The Chairman of IEI Tuticorin Local Centre Er. I. Maria Michael Raj F.I.E. was the chief guest of the function. He provided the keynote address and explained the scholarships, awards, newsletters, conferences, and other benefits of IEI for the students and faculty members. He also issued the IEI Students Chapter membership cards to the student members of Civil Engineering Department. Ms. R. Surya (II Yr, Civil Engineering) delivered the vote of thanks. Director (Admin) Dr. I. Sundarapandi and Management Representative Ms. T. S. Sundari graced the occasion by their presence. The HODs and faculty members of various departments and the students of Civil Engineering department participated in the function.

Indian Society of Mechanical Engineers (ISME)

"Indian Society of Mechanical Engineers" is a Technical Society in India updating vital information in field of Engineering and Technology. ISME is established in Madras in 1990 and is being sponsored and supported by various professional membership organizations, Societies, Institutions, Industries & others. The ISME represents the many faces of Engineering rather than any one specialization and is appropriate for all Engineering Professionals throughout their working life.

Membership Benefits

ISME acts as a platform for making interaction with professionals through technical Symposium, Conference, Workshops and Seminars. ISME assists its members for getting placements in World class companies. ISME members receive quarterly E-Journal.

Inauguration of ISME Student's Chapter

The Students Chapter of the Indian Society of Mechanical Engineers(ISME) was inagurated in V V College of Engineering, Tisaiyanvilai, on 23rd January 2013, in the presence of Mr.K.Sundar., General Manager ( Development & Projects) DCW Ltd, Arumuganeri, as Chief Guest and Dr.P.Melba Mary, Principal, Presided over the function.

One hundred students belonging to Mechanical Engineering Department have registered under this chapter.

Instrument Society of India (ISOI)

The Society of Instrumentation for professionals was established in the year 1970, with the head quarters at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Today it has six chapters at Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Dehradun and Pune. It strives to act as a link between academic institutions and the instrumentation industry, by organising several programmes. It also conducts programmes for students and working professionals in the form of short term courses, symposia and topical reviews.


  • To provide a forum for pooling the knowledge and experience of individuals, participants from scientific institutions and industrial organizations interested in promoting development of instruments and instrumentation systems.
  • To act as an exchange bureau for dissemination of technical information by way of periodic and special publications, appraising the technical and scientific personnel in the industries as well as in research institutions, of the requirements in the field of instrumentation by the industries and the educational and scientific institutions mutually.
  • To organize liaison between interested entrepreneurs with technical problems in their instrumentation activities and the experts who offer to act as consultants, and
  • To engage in such activities as shall contribute towards promoting instrumentation activities.

Principal Dr.P.MelbaMary,M.E,Ph.D., and Chief Guest of the day Prof. Dr. J.Nagaraju,Ph.D., inaugurated the ISOI students chapter on 13th July 2012 . Fifty Nine students belonging to EEE and ECE Departments have registered under this chapter.

Indian Society for Technical Education

TISTE was started as the Association of Principals of Technical Institutions (APTI) in the year 1941. It was a society for the Principals at that time and with a view to enlarge the activities, APTI was converted into Indian Society of Technical Education. It is a national, professional, nonprofit Society registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860. The major objective of the ISTE is to assist and contribute in the production and development of top quality professional engineers and technicians needed by the industries and other organizations. ISTE is the only national organization that caters to the needs of educators in the field of Engineering and Technology. ISTE has good nexus with many reputed colleges and universities.

ISTE formulates the general goals & responsibilities of technical education. It plays a vital role in changing the curriculum according to the contexts. In the field of education, ISTE has been impressively molding the personality of teachers and administrators. It enhances professional ideals & standards. ISTE gives importance to research and teaches how to maintain a serene atmosphere in work places. It serves as a bridge between technical institutions and society.

Inaugural of ISTE in V V College of Engineering

Dr. S. Basil Gnanappa, Chief Guest, inaugurated the ISTE Staff Chapter in VV College of Engineering, Tisaiyanvilai on 01/09/2012. He spoke about the importance and role of ISTE in moulding the students and Staff. Dr. P.N. Selvakumar,HOD,S&H gave the welcome address. Dr. P. Melba Mary, Principal delivered the presidential address. She spoke about ISTE and the role of teachers. Dr.S. Stella, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry proposed the vote of thanks.

Faculty Motivation Programme

The ISTE inaugural function was followed by the Faculty Motivation Programme. During the training session, Dr. M. G. Sethuraman (Director IQAC, GRU, Gandhigram) spoke about the enhancement of professional competence. He advised not to sweat the small stuff in the workplace and offered suggestions to cope up with peer pressure. He advised the faculty members to publish papers in journals. Dr. P. Shanmugavadivu (Associate Professor, Dept. of Computer Science & Applications, GRU, Gandhigram) discussed stress and suggested ways to avoid it in tough working atmosphere. Dr. M. G. Sethuraman motivated the staff members by quoting examples from the lives of Lee De Forest, Thomas J. Watson, Admiral Leahy, and Said. He concluded by saying that the future is full of surprises and everybody is born to excel. All the staff members co-operated well and contributed to the grand success of the twin programmes.

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