About Anti Ragging

Ragging is totally prohibited in V V College of Engineering inside and outside the campus. Anyone found guilty of ragging and abetting ragging whether actively or passively or being a part of conspiracy to promote, ragging is liable to be punished in accordance with UGC Regulations 2009 as well as under the provisions of any penal law for the time- being in force.

V V College of Engineering ensures that the congenial and welcoming environment is given to the freshers. To achieve this objective, following measures have been taken by the institution as per UGC Regulations 2009

  • ➢ Nominated Nodal officer for Anti-ragging committee.
  • ➢ An anti-ragging committee has been formed.
  • ➢ Obtained an affidavit from every student, parent/ guardian.
  • ➢ A documentary was shown on Anti-ragging and created awareness among the students.
  • ➢ Displayed UGC regulations and punitive measures against ragging on the main notice board in the College.
  • ➢ Displayed Anti-ragging posters inside the campus. A team of Anti-ragging squads has been set up.
  • ➢ A mentoring cell for anti-ragging has been formed. Appointed professional counsellors for the students.
  • ➢ Conducted an orientation programme for the freshers and senior students.
  • ➢ All the anti-ragging preventive measures are communicated to the students through circulars.

Anti-Ragging Squad

S.No Name Designation E-Mail
1 Dr. P. Vanitha Principal principal@vvcoe.org
2 Mr. A. Simon Christopher Nodal Officer simon@vvcoe.org
3 Dr. P. Padmanabhan Professor padmanabhan@vvcoe.org
4 Dr. I. Muthulakshmi Professor muthulakshmi@vvcoe.org
5 Dr. G. Suresh Associate Professor suresh@vvcoe.org
6 Mr. M. Selvaganesan Assistant Professor selva@vvcoe.org
7 Mrs. P. Idavathi Gunaseeli Assistant Professor ida@vvcoe.org
8 Mrs. S. Jeyaseeli Assistant Professor jeyaseeli@vvcoe.org
9 Mr. P. Yugaraj Lab-Technician yugaraj@vvcoe.org

Anti-Ragging Committee

S.No Name Category E-Mail
1 Dr. P. Vanitha Principal principal@vvcoe.org
2 Mr. T. Sudalaimani Representative of Parents manisudalai1968@gmail.com
3 Ms. R. Abinaya Representative of Students – Female r23cs002@vvcoe.org
4 Mr. A. Alex Siva Representative of Students - Male r23cs001@vvcoe.org
5 Mr. J. Johnson Representative of Non-Teaching Staff johnson@vvcoe.org

Nodal Officer (Anti-Ragging)

Mr. A. Simon Christopher
Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Mobile No: +91 90951 23004
E-Mail : simon@vvcoe.org