List of Recruiters

About Training and Placement:

Training and Placement Cell is an integral part of our institution. The institute has provided the complete infrastructure for effective functioning of the cell. The cell is sensitized to function all through the year towards generating placement and training opportunities for the students. Training activities are organized throughout the year in an effort towards preparing the prospective students for the campus selection programmes.

Reputed industrial houses across the country visit our institute regularly for the campus recruitment programmes. Our pioneering efforts have borne fruits in achieving academic-industrial rapport and we are proud that our students are absorbed by leading giants in the industrial firmament. The placement cell coordinates quite well with the corporate sector and provides well-developed infrastructure to facilitate the campus selection programmes.

The cell is designed to function with a high degree of professionalism. It provides almost instantaneous data to the corporate sector with regard to the candidates available for consideration towards placement in accordance with the preserved requirements. Indeed, we have been appreciated more often by the industrial houses for this special feature embedded in our work philosophy.

To coordinate the placement activities the college has a separate Placement cell Headed by Mr. M.Vignesh MCA (9500650977). The placement cell manages its activities collectively by the students and all head of departments. The Staff coordinators support in all the Training and Placement Cell activities. The Placement cell has adopted an effective communication system to keep the students informed about potential job opportunities and guide from time to time.


As a part of the curriculum, the training arrangements are made for the students throughout the year till they get offer. VVCOE Organizes the 'Intensive training' with prominent corporate trainers from Chennai, Bangalore and Coimbatore. The training Modules are

  1. Aptitude Test skills
  2. HR Interview handling skills
  3. GD Handling techniques
  4. Technical Interview skills

The Training & Placement Cell provides audio visual facilities (In Association with Communication Lab) via PowerPoint Presentations, written test, group discussion and interviews. It plays a very important and key role in function and guiding the students for their successful career placement which is a essential edge between the stages of completion of academic program of the students and their entry into the suitable employment.


Through an improving degree of professionalism, we are able to produce more and more opportunities to our budding Engineers and Managers in higher ranked industries with a high degree of morale and sense of attainment. We are able to expand our network with the industries through our high sense of commitment aiming student career progress. We are maintaining remarkable placement record for our students.

Regular Activities at a glance!

  • E-learning content based training on Reasoning, Quantitative, Analytical, Verbal skills.
  • Periodical Online Aptitude Test sessions
  • Periodical Technical Training sessions through industry representatives
  • Interview Skills training through industry personnel
  • Value Added Training sessions on Soft Skills
  • Guest Lectures
  • Arranging Industrial Visits
  • Facilities

    1. An Air-conditioned 2 seminar hall with a seating capacity of 250 students
    2. Spacious Auditorium accommodating around 1000 students with hi-tech audio-visual facility
    3. Sufficient number of halls to conduct interviews and group discussions
    4. Examination halls to conduct written test
    5. Full fledged laboratories to organize online examinations

    Unique Feature

    1. 24x7 placement training cell
    2. Campus connect programs
    3. Company based training
    4. Corporate Orientation by Human Resource Professionals
    5. Regular Students monitoring Team

    Our Action Plans Key Strategy
    For I year students
    To identify their strength and make them confident with their communication
  • Paper Presentations
  • Seminars
  • Communication Development programs
  • Personality Development class
  • For II year students
    To Prepare them for corporate environment
  • Yoga and motivation class
  • Industrial visits
  • Guest Lectures from Corporates
  • Circulate articles of various industries
  • For III year students
    To mold them to face the forthcoming placement
  • Regular aptitude training
  • Group Discussions
  • Mock Interviews
  • Value added courses
  • For Final year students
    To map the organizational expectation with the existing competencies Student-Corporate Interactions

    Placed Students for the Year of 2021-2022

    Company name Name of the student Department Salary (Per Annum)
    TCS Carson Manasay Marion L CSE 3.35 Lakhs per annum
    Jothi Subhalakshmi A
    Jesly Stella A
    Reshma K
    Jersha Roshan J ECE
    Kannan V
    Kaviya K
    Anusuya M
    WIPRO Ramya S ECE 3.60 Lakhs per annum
    Kaviya K
    Joe Ashik David Perinbaraj CSE
    Jothi Subhalakshmi A
    Akila T
    AVASOFT Raja Glaston A CSE 3.36 Lakhs per annum
    Kannan V ECE
    Jersha Roshan J
    Zoho Corporation Muhunthan M CSE 4.56 Lakhs per annum
    My Slate - Six Phrase Monicka A CSE 3.60 Lakhs per annum
    Zuci Systems Muthammal U ECE 3.0 Lakhs per annum
    Chainsys Sujatha S CSE 3.12 Lakhs per annum
    Capgemini Muthammal U ECE 3.90 Lakhs per annum
    SAKTHI AUTO COMPONENTS Aaron J MECH 1.68 Lakhs per annum
    Arunkumar B
    Astley V
    Bala Mugesh K
    Chithirai Infant J
    Dinesh P
    Francis Premkumar S
    Gnana Kumar M
    Gopi P
    Jegadeesh C
    Jeya Krishnan C
    Joseph Rajas R
    Kesavapandi V
    Manjula M
    Micheal Anto P
    Muthu Selvan V
    Muthukumar M(14-07-2001)
    Muthukumar T
    Narayanan P
    Rajesh R
    Sam Richardson R
    Ragul Tamil Selvan S
    Sankarababanasam R
    Satheesh S
    Selvam B
    Selva Maharaj C A
    Sivaperumal M
    Sri Ragaventhira B
    Sriram A
    Sriram L
    Sukendar S
    Vignesh J M
    Vinoth R
    Vijaya Kumar L
    Anto Valan Renaldo J EEE
    Balamurugan M
    Balanithish G
    Gowtham K
    Ijaz Raghuman S
    Saravanan M
    Vinoth Pandian S
    Gokul S ECE
    Harikaran S
    Hari Kathiresh Kumar G
    Maharaja S
    Mohamed illyas S
    Muthuramalingam A
    Ragavan S
    Infosys Muthammal U ECE 3.36 Lakhs per annum
    Benita Nithya B
    TVS Sundaram fastners, chennai Gnanakumar M MECH 1.80 Lakhs per annum
    Selva Maharaj C A
    Vignesh J M
    Sathish Jesu Raja E
    Thiraviya Maniselvan C
    Sivaperumal M
    Andrews Blessing L
    Sriragaventhira B
    Sivavignesh R
    Satheesh S
    Raj Kutty K
    Thirumalaikumar S
    Narayanana P
    Rajesh R
    Sankarababanasam R
    Pinnacle Infotech Selva Maharaj C A MECH 3.0 Lakhs per annum
    Xcel Corp, Chennai Santhiya R ECE 3.0 Lakhs per annum
    Teampro, Chennai Maharaja S ECE 3.0 Lakhs per annum
    Gowtham K EEE
    Suresoft Mani Clinton K CSE 1.92 Lakhs per annum
    Maxvytech, Bangalore Sangeetha G ECE 2.6 Lakhs per annum
    Poornima C
    Avalon Technologies Hareesh John J ECE 3.0 Lakhs per annum
    Centizen, Tirunelveli Monicka A CSE 4.0 Lakhs per annum
    Arun Ramesh
    Apptivo, Madurai Mani Clinton K CSE 2.40 Lakhs per annum
    Palaniyappan Pon Madhan
    Suresh Kumar S
    Aravinthkumar L
    BESTEN ENGINEERS & Consultants India Pvt. Ltd, Chennai MATHAN FRANKLIN A CIVIL 1.44 Lakhs per annum
    Ambient Business Solutions Pvt Ltd Maheswari R CSE 2.40 Lakhs per annum
    HCL Technologies, Madurai Archana K CSE 2.76 Lakhs per annum
    Hari Kathiresh Kumar G ECE
    Sivaperumal M MECH
    Adecco(Amazon) Hariharan ECE 3.20 Lakhs per annum
    BSA Coporation Abileswaran S CSE 1.80 Lakhs per annum
    Anto Lincy Viniba A
    Archana K
    Dennis Viphen R
    Elangesvaran P
    Hema S
    Jacob Williams M
    Jerin Hephzibah B
    Kaviya Sumyuktha P
    Magesh S
    Maheswari R
    Monicka A
    Muthu Selvi P
    Priyanka S
    Surya K
    Sushma G
    Agnus Evanjelin J ECE
    Annie Reofine Rabina A
    Benita Nithya B
    Hareesh John J
    Harikaran S
    Hari Kathiresh Kumar G
    Harirajan S
    Jeya sneha M
    Manikkaraj A
    Miracline A
    Mohamed illyas S
    Muthuramalingam A
    Ramesh S
    Selva ganesan V
    Sushmi T
    Jeniston Raja S
    Ragavan S
    Aravinth kumar V EEE
    Arikrishnan R
    Gokul S
    Anitha A
    Anto Valan Renaldo J
    Aravinthkumar L
    Balanithish G
    Devaprasath A
    Divyalakshmi S
    Ijaz Raghuman S
    Manoji G
    Mathu bala K
    Prema S
    Selvapoorani P
    Saravanan M
    Vinoth Pandian S
    Arockia Nivesh J
    Aswin Soorya B
    Jerush Nova C
    Micheal Anto P MECH
    Sathish Jesu Raja E
    Sugumar R
    Thiraviyamani Selvan C
    Thirumalaikumar S