Grievance Redressal Portal

Grievance Redressal Mechanism (GRM) of VVCOE is a forum where grievances of any kind from the Students, Staff, Alumni, Parents and other Stake holders are accepted for redressal and resolution.

Registering a Grievance:

Students and other stake holders can register their grievance/s at any point of time through our on-line facility available in our website or may write a mail to


  • To Receive, Process and Resolve grievances faced by any of the stake holder of this institution
  • To provide unbiased support to the deprived members of the student community and other stake holders
  • To learn from the grievances handled and evolve a better model of Academic Management.

Scope & Modalities

    • A Grievance Redressal Committee (specially constituted for the purpose) will receive, handle and resolve the problems.
    • All grievances referred to the Grievance Redressal committee shall be entered in a Register maintained by a designated member.
    • The committee will also coordinate with various departments/ agencies/ authorities when and where required.
    • Normal time required to solve academic and administrative problems is well within a week, however some of the intricate or extensive problems will be resolved within a month's time.
    • Complainants are required to fully cooperate with the committee in terms of divulging full and exact information and to make themselves available for an enquiry or counselling during the redressal process.  
    • Any Student, Staff, Alumnus or Parent may report directly to the Principal if they find their grievance is not resolved within the stipulated time.

Representable Grievances:


Decisions with regard to the award of scholarships / fee concessions

Decisions of the college in Admission process

Decisions of the competent authority on assessment and examination result


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