Kamarajar Memorial Library

Widely acknowledged as one of the best libraries in the state, our library system comprises Kamarajar Memorial Library and six departmental libraries to support teaching, learning, research activities and dissemination of information.

The College Library, established in the year 2010, was functioning in the main building of the college till 2012. Recently, it has been named Kamarajar Memorial Library and shifted, to a spacious area of 50,500 sq.ft. Our centralized air-conditioned, two- storied new library has a conference hall, four discussion halls, quality improvement cell and digital library in the first floor and an informal reading hall, librarian’s office, separate engineering departmental and science & humanities stack sections, reference library, spoken tutorial cabins, journal reading hall, laptop usage area, and circulation section in the ground floor.


  • No. of Volumes of Books 30,684 with 7,671 Titles
  • No. of Print Version Journals 145
  • No. of cd's 1264
  • No. of Project Reports 262
  • No. of Back Volumes 715
  • No. of NPTEL Online Engineering Video Lectures 1738

Online Journal Subscriptions

  • Science Direct with 275 titles
  • IEEE. ASPP. with 152 titles
  • ASCE. with 34 titles
  • ASME. with 26 titles
  • Springer (EEE/CSE) collections with 149 titles


The Digital Library is housed in the first floor of the Library. We are using First Planet as Digital Library software. Digital Library is a library, in which collections are stored in digital formats and data accessible through the computers by users. The digital content may be stored locally, or accessed remotely, via computer networks. A Digital Library is a type of Information Retrieval System.


Information & Communication Technology Systems
  • Internet Bandwidth 15Mbps.
  • Wi-Fi Enabled(Wireless Fidelity).
  • V V COE Campus enabled Wi-Fi.
  • Users can browse internet anywhere inside the campus.
  • Subscriptions

    • McGrawhill with 363 e.Books
    • J-Gate (JET) with 2005 titles
    • ASTMDL with 2369 titles
    • Delnet,New Delhi. “(www.delnet.nic.in)”
  • E.PORTAL: “lib.vvcoe.org” (Web Link / Internet Access)

    We provide free online service, that can help you find a variety of scholarly resources including books, journals and subscribed resources. V V Library Portal is viewed and utilized by anyone who has flair for reading. This portal helps to connect the library with the available resources and acts as a resource sharing consortium.

    This educational portal, along with Kamarajar Memorial Library, works to achieve the optimum use of the resources and facilities at V V College of Engineering. This not only promotes library’s value added services, but also co-ordinates and shares available resources with images, e.book previews (which are available in google) and engineering educational information. We look forward to help you to make the most exciting online tool, as a forum for discussion of books, journals, scholarly communications, syllabus, old papers, project & lab reports, assignments, audio-video presentations, course materials (from the faculty members), records of orientation, quiz and seminars conducted in the campus.

    OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) – library.vvcoe.org/opac (Intranet Access)

    Library OPAC can be accessed by typing the above URL in any computer inside the college premises. One can search books by title, author, publishers, ISBN call No. and key words. The user can also search newly arrived books, CDs, project reports and back volumes. The status of library documents and users can also be ascertained using Auto-lib software version 2.

    Outreach Programme for General Public (Library Membership)

    It is a unique opportunity provided to the students, academicians, teachers and researchers even from other colleges. It can also be utilized by the members of the Chamber of Commerce and Merchants Associations. Lifetime membership of this library can be availed with an one-time fee payment of Rs.1,500/-

  • Value Added Services for Registered Members

    • Checking the availability of Books , Journals & scholarly communication online
    • Borrowing Book/Document for a period of 14 days using one library card
    • Reference Service in the Library (07.00 a.m. - 08.00 p.m. on weekdays, 09.00 a.m. - 05.00 p.m. on Sundays/Holidays)
    • Using our library online network
    • Photocopying services from Books/Journals on requisite payment
    • Downloading of journal article in adherence to the copyright act
    • Document procurement service from DELNET, New Delhi for academic usage
    • Literature Search Service (Online access to subscribed database search).

    All students, faculty and administrative staff members are members of the library. General public can become a library members with an one-time membership fee of Rs.1500/-.


    High speed internet connections through LAN and Wi-Fi connectivity.


    The Digital Library is housed in the first floor of the Library. We are using First Planet as Digital library software. Digital library is a library in which collections are stored in digital formats and data accessible through the computers by users. The digital content may be stored locally, or accessed remotely via computer networks. A digital library is a type of information retrieval system.


    Information & Communication Technology Systems
    • Internet Bandwidth 15Mbps
    • Wi-Fi Enabled(Wireless Fidelity)
    • V V COE Campus enabled Wi-Fi.
    • Users are browse internet anywhere inside the campus
  • SERVERS: Auto- lib SERVER : “library.vvcoe.org/opac”

    The Library is fully automated with Auto-lib automation software. Auto-lib is integrated multi-user library management software that caters to the needs of an advanced library and information professionals. It has a powerful and user-friendly OPAC along with Windows-based OPAC.

    The auto-lib systems at a glance:
    • Acquisition System
    • Cataloguing System
    • Circulation System
    • Serial System
    • Article Indexing System
    • OPAC System (Intranet) “library.vvcoe.org/opac”

    The server is built on client-server architecture and uses separate control and data connections between the client and the server. It helps in:
    • Downloading of articles/papers for R&D work
    • E-Books
    • Educational videos
    • PPT presentations
    • Anna University Scanned question Papers
    • Library opac
    • NPTEL (Online Engineering Video course materials).
  • First Planet Digital Library Server : “lib.vvcoe.org”

    First Planet software is a turnkey institutional repository application.

    Top reasons to use First Planet Software
    • Higher Education online library software
    • Completely customizable to fit our needs
    • Can be installed out of the box
    • Can manage and preserve all types of digital content.
  • Services

    • Library Home Page “lib.vvcoe.org”
    • Institutional Repositories
    • Project Reports up-to abstract level
    • E-Books / I.P.based Access (subscribed)
    • E-Journals / I.P.based Access (subscribed)
    • Scholarly Communication
    • Check Status of users / documents online.
    • Online reservation of Library materials.

    Inter Library Loan
  • Additional Online Services

    Online Resources URL Services
    Library Home Page www.lib.vvcoe.org VVCOE library Protocols, Rules & regulations of library facilities in the library.
    First Planet Online Library Software www.lib.vvcoe.org (Internet Access) Check availability of Library document Check status & location of library document/users Online Reserve checked-out document
    Internal Storage Server “ \\fs1 ” NPTEL engg.Online Course Materials Downloaded IEEE papers, E-books, Educational videos, PPT Presentations
    Gate Materials “library.vvcoe.org/opac” (Intranet Access) Online Tutorials
    Library Open Access Catalogue “library.vvcoe.org/opac” (Intranet Access) Check availability of Library Resources,Check Status of users
    DELNET Inter library loan services.
    User Name : vvce
    Password :vvce868
    www.delnet.nic.in Users can exchange any kind of reading Materials,OnlineUnion Catalogue Search
    CD/DVDs CD’s/DVD’s which have come along with journals and Books are made available in our library Book CDs Journal CD/DVDs Educational CD/DVDs

    • Xerography
    • Scanning facility
    • Printing facilities
    • Computerized indexing with bar coding by auto lib software
    • Books classified under Dewey Decimal Classification
    • Cataloging based on AACR II by auto lib software.
    • Online public Access catalog (OPAC)
    • First Planet Digital Library software.(web OPAC)

    Monday to Saturday 7.00 am to 8.00 pm (without lunch break)

    Sunday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm


    Sl.No Name of the Staff Qualification Designation
    1 Dr.S.Saravanan B.Com.,M.L.I.S.,M.Phil.,Ph.D Librarian
    2 Mr.A.Kalinathan B.Sc.,M.L.I.S.,M.Phil., Asst.Librarian
    3 Mr. A. Vincent Manickam B.Com.,,M.L.I.S., Library Assistant
    4 Mr. S. Jeyaprakash B.Com.,,M.L.I.S., Library Assistant
    5 Ms.C.Sheeba M. A., Office Assistant
    6 Ms.I. Packia Lakshmi Attender